Court House Custom

D.J. Jenkins

Jason Stritenberger


Court House Custom is in Washington Court House, Ohio which is located centrally between Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.  The company is owned by Jason Stritenberger and D.J. Jenkins, two long time friends who have known each other since grade school.  Jason and D.J. started welding, building bikes and powder coating in Jason's garage in 2004.  In late 2006 both of them decided to leave long term jobs to follow the American entrepreneurial dream and start their own business doing something they love.  Since opening, Court House Custom has grown into a reputable company, turning out some of the finest powder coating and custom motorcycles in the industry.   In mid 2008 Court House Custom launched a new line of custom motorcycle parts designed and hand built by D.J. and Jason.  In November 2008 CHC finally gained national recognition when the CHC Triumph was featured in Cycle Source Magazine after it won best of show in a Cycle Source Bike Show.  In early 2009 Chris from Cycle Source offered CHC a spot in the Limpnickie Builders Manual.  This enabled them to get their ever expanding product line into the hands of thousands of potential customers.  D.J. and Jason continued to keep themselves in the spot light earning a 3rd Place win with the Glory Hole at the Easyrider Bike Show in Columbus in February 2009.   Also, in that same month Jason attended CJ Allen's engraving class, enabling them to add motorcycle engraving to their scope of services.  After the win at the Easyrider Show, the boys traveled to the Horse Smokeout in North Carolina in May of 2009.   The Smoke Out proved to be a successful venture when The Dirty Sanchez and The Glory Hole were both picked as 2 of the 10 winners.  At the Smokeout in 2010 they came home with another win for Bloody Roots.  All three bikes were featured as bike show winners in The Horse Magazine.  In early 2010 after much thought and preparation D.J. and Jason decided it was time to make a step up for the company and moved into a larger, more convenient location.  This proved to be a great move for the company.  They quickly started to build inventory and expanded their scope of services to better serve the riders of south central Ohio.  As their customer base grew in 2010, they continued to build bikes and expand their custom parts line.  One of their wildest creations to date came about in late 2010/early 2011 in the form of an original 60's Triumph chop, this bike took home a win at the Easyrider show in Columbus.  Throughout 2011 Jason and D.J. laid off of the grueling travel schedule to focus on their families at home and their local customers at the shop.  It was also decide in July of that year that due to many reasons, CHC would no longer be a part of the Limpnickie Lot.  The future of CHC will be focused on offering continued service work from oil changes to engine building, expanding their line of quality custom motorcycle parts, building one-of-a-kind custom motorcycles and improving the efficiency of their powder coating processes.  With all that has been accomplished in a few years, there is no doubt that the best is still yet to come............stay tuned, as the story continues........


Court House Custom  839 Columbus Ave.  Washington Court House, OH 43160   740-335-2466